Choice is a Transportation Engineering firm in South Florida working with its clients to further develop Florida’s transportation infrastructure. Our focus is on restoring, improving, planning and designing a transportation network that connects people and promotes economic growth.

Our engineering team provides design solutions in Roadway Design, Traffic Engineering and Operations Studies, Traffic Operations Design (signing & pavement marking, channelization, roadway lighting, and signalization), and Planning (Subarea/Corridor Planning and Transportation Statistics). We provide minor to complex roadway design, maintenance of traffic design, traffic engineering studies, traffic modeling, plan reviews and construction site reviews.

We are a DBE, SBE firm specializing in Highway Design and Traffic Engineering services. With an ever-growing transportation infrastructure, our goals and objectives revolve around creating sound processes and designs that have a wide-reaching impact in our community and promote sustainable urban growth. Our focus is on improving the quality of life, enhancing safety and operations for the public. Choice is dedicated to building success through innovation and purpose-built solutions that precisely address all project needs.

Carlos Francis, PE, PTOE, has over 25 years of professional experience; his first 10 years were with FDOT, where he completed the Department’s PE Program and developed to become the District Safety Engineer. Carlos’ career has been focused on traffic operations, safety, planning and traffic forecasting.

Through his career, Carlos has served as technical advisor, senior traffic engineer and as project manager for numerous traffic safety studies and districtwide contracts.

As project manager Carlos has managed contracts for a wide variety of projects, including RRR, intersection analyses, traffic impact studies, pedestrian and bicycle studies, safety reviews and signal timing development and implementation.

Rafael S. Aguilar, PE has over 20 years of professional experience; the first two years of his professional career, Rafael served as a Civil Engineering Software and Design Instructor to FDOT and consultant staff throughout the State of Florida.

His career continued as a project engineer for several FDOT District 6 and District 4 projects. Rafael’s career has been focused on roadway design, traffic control, signing and pavement markings and signalization design. Through his career, Rafael has served as technical advisor, ADA specialist, senior roadway engineer and as project manager for numerous roadway projects and districtwide push-button contracts. As project manager Rafael has managed contracts for several types of projects, including ADA, minor and major reconstruction projects, RRR, POP, ROP and Safety Improvement Only.


Eugenio Lopez, PE

Project Manager

Erik Echezabal, PE, PTOE

Transportation Engineer/TSM&O Lead

Alexander Socarras, PE, PTOE

Transportation Engineer

Alejandro Ortega, EI

Transportation Engineer

Osvaldo Rodriguez, EI

Transportation Engineer

Elizabeth Correal, EI

Transportation Engineer

Henrique Fernandes, EI

Transportation Engineer

Lorenzo Fuchs, EI

Transportation Engineer

Winston Lucky, EI

Senior Highway Designer

Leonardo Francis, CGC

Senior Designer

Olsen Deronvil

Senior Designer

Horacio Lopez


Justo Espinales

Engineering Technician

Abel Sierra

Engineering Technician

Alexander Seoane

Intern - Engineering Student

Kathy Francis

Administrative Director

Elivette Diaz

Office Administrator