Alejandro A. Ortega, MSCE, EI

Transportation Engineer

Alejandro has an MSCE in Civil Engineering from Florida International University with emphasis in Transportation Engineering and has over 12 years of experience in the field. He has been involved in the preparation of traffic safety studies, traffic impact studies, maintenance of traffic support, signal retiming, signal controller bench testing and configuration, and the review/update of roadway characteristics inventory for the FDOT Traffic Operation Office. His experience includes the development and preparation of safety and operations studies for arterials, freeways, and composite roadway networks for FDOT District 6. Specific studies included signal retiming, traffic impact, speed, before/after travel time/delay, signal warrant analysis, qualitative assessments, and fatal disposition reports. He has also been involved in FDOT rail crossing tasks that included updating and maintaining the Railroad/Highway Crossing Inventory Database, including documents and tools used by FDOT’s Central Office, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, local governments and other railroad companies. He also has been involved in the preparation and execution of project presentations and public outreach. He has experience in HCS, SYNCHRO, CORSIM, and ARCGIS, Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control (No. 36784), Wavetronix Certificate, IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level II, (No. BE_123528), Traffic Signal Inspector (No. SI_123528), IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector for Advanced Technologies, and FDOT Systems Engineering 100 CBT.

Contact Info

(786) 250-5526