Alexander Socarras, PE, PTOE

Transportation Engineer

Alexander Socarras, PE, PTOE, has more than 14 years of professional consulting experience. He began his career in traffic and transportation engineering in 2007. He has successfully completed numerous traffic operations/safety and planning studies for the FDOT Districts 4 & 6 including 3 Interchange Operational Analysis Reports and 1 Interchange Justification Report. He is actively working on a Districtwide Traffic Operations and Safety contract for District 6 in which he completed over 100 safety and operations studies spanning from a simple Tech Memo to a more comprehensive Qualitative Assessment to evaluate the existing traffic conditions at a specific location or corridor. Since 2017, Alexander is actively supporting the FDOT Traffic Operations and TSM&O/ITS groups to improve the overall performance of nearly 1300 traffic signal on the State Highway System utilizing field data and HERE data from RITIS to develop and interpret performance metrics dashboards that quantify improvements and generate arterial performance reports. He is proficient using the Highway Capacity Software (HCS), SYNCHRO, and CORSIM simulation software’s used to perform traffic analyses. He is proficient with the methodologies of the latest Highway Capacity Manual, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Studies (MUTS), the Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook, and the Highway Safety Manual (HSM). Alexander has worked for 6 months alongside FDOT District 6 staff as an in-house consultant in the traffic operations unit.

Contact Info

(786) 250-5526