Traffic lights over urban intersection. Red light



Traffic Engineering

Responsible for providing engineering research and coordination for reviewing maintenance of traffic plans, signalization plans, and signing and marking plans. Through this service, we also provide reviews of scoping reports, traffic studies, safety studies, PD&E reports, signing and pavement markings master plans, and permit packages ensuring all plans conform to current FDOT standards.

Operation Studies

Responsible for providing the FDOT with professional traffic engineering services through the development of various traffic operations and safety studies identified for intersections, arterials, etc., and related improvement recommendations. This service area includes the development of safety and traffic operations studies such as Qualitative Assessments, Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis, Intersection Analysis, and Left Turn Phase Warrant Analysis as well as other traffic engineering-related studies, composite studies, and public involvement. The typical tasks include qualitative field reviews, traffic data collection, and a review of recent crash history in order to specifically address a citizen’s request and to develop recommendations for any improvements and/or further study, if necessary.

Recent Projects

  • DW Signal Retiming Continuing Services
  • DW Traffic Operations Studies Consultant
  • DW Traffic Operations Safety Studies Consultant
  • DW Plans Review Consultant and Support Services
  • City of Key West General Traffic Engineering Services
  • Miami-Dade County Traffic Studies