7th Annual Florida Automated Vehicle Summit

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Choice Engineering Consultants was excited to attend the 7th Annual Florida Automated Vehicle Summit in Downtown Miami from November 20 through 22, 2019.  Notable guests at the event included Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Jeff Brandes.  Both Carlos Francis and Erik Echezabal attended the 3-day summit.  They both attended numerous Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) breakout sessions related to automated vehicles, FDOT CAV initiatives, the future of autonomous trucking, advancing safety using emerging technologies and many other extremely interesting areas related to Connected and Autonomous vehicle technology. There was a tremendous amount of interesting and educational information provided about what the future of ACES holds.  Above and beyond the inciteful technical sessions, we also got to experience technology such as the Beep Autonomous vehicle, Starsky Robotics Autonomous Truck, Luminar vehicle with the Lidar technology, and micromobility solutions such as the Jump electric scooters and bicycles.

Carlos Francis, PE., PTOE


Starsky Robotics Autonomous Truck


Beep Autonomous vehicle


Luminar vehicle with the Lidar technology