Florida Keys Retiming

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Choice Engineering was tasked by FDOT District 6 to retime the traffic signal system within the Florida Keys, spanning over 106 miles. The retiming effort targeted the peak season’s weekdays during various peak periods (e.g., Morning, Mid-day, etc.).

One of our transportation engineers, Erik Echezabal, P.E., lead this exhaustive retiming effort. The effort entailed extensive field time to qualitatively assess the signal operations at a local and corridor level, Synchro Modeling to aid with signal timing development, and hands-on implementation and fine tuning.

Each corridor segment, from Old Town in Key West to an isolated signal in Big Pine Key, was meticulously tuned to operate the traffic signals as efficiently as possible. Some signal timing strategies included, lead-lag left-turns by time of day, uneven double cycling, volume-density operations, dynamic maximum and variable minimum green, detector set switching, and sectioning corridor segments to operate the appropriate resonate cycle length for the modal and traffic characteristics.

Erik programmed 2070E and 2070LX signal controllers as part of this retiming effort and coordinated systems that included both types of controllers. We are currently in the process of implementing signal timing recommendation in the north keys. The last step of this effort is to perform a before/after evaluation with field collected travel time and delay data.

For more information about this project, please contact Erik Echezabal, P.E.